Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Tabernacle and the Love of Christ

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been one of many miracles. I have seen so much this week. My testimony of the Gospel has grown leaps and mounds. The first miracle that happened was the tabernacle, (last week I sent a picture on separate email, I believe...I will send them again in this email just in case the pictures didn't get to everyone). I have learned so much about the Tabernacle of Moses this week. I learned just how much it points towards to Savior and His Atoning Sacrifice. I saw that the Lord was showing the people of Israel that Christ is the way.  It was very cool to see how much the tabernacle and the temple are alike. It has been so amazing to see the word of the Lord in the Old Testament comes to life, as the Old Testament in the hardest of Testaments to understand.

This week we also got to have a BYU professor come to talk to us about the tabernacle.  Brother Donald Parry. He teaches Hebrew classes at BYU. He told us a little bit about the Tabernacle and also how the Book of Mormon has some traces of Hebrew in it. I love this wonderful opportunity that I have had to learn from him.
This week I have been able to see that the Lord is mindful of each and every one of His Children. I love the people of the Huntington Beach Stake. Don't get me wrong I have been loving them the moments that I began the Lord work in Huntington Beach almost a year ago. But this week has changed me, I have seen the LOVE that CHRIST has for the people I am currently serving and the people that I have served in this Wonderful Stake. I LOVE HUNTINGTON BEACH!!! I love the people so much more than I ever thought I could. As we pray to see ALL people through God's eyes we will see feel of His love for them and when we feel His love for them we cannot help but smile at them when we see them. HE LOVES THEM!!! and he loves us too. Love you all!
Sister McGarry III​​​​​​

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