Monday, October 31, 2016

Seapoint Ward!!!

Dear family and Friends,
Last week I was Emergency Transferred to the Seapoint ward. We had a sister that had to do home early and so my companion and I were moved out of the YSA (Young Single Adult) Ward. It has been quite a crazy week. We have been trying to visit as many of the members as possible because we are all new to the area.  We have had a great week. It has been amazing and crazy! I love both Sister Henry and Sister Castleberry.

I have been able to see that the Lord has a purpose for all things. Have continued to see that he knows us and loves us. We went to a Halloween "Trunk or Treat" that our ward was having we got to meet some other members there.   

We also got to go on exchanges. I went to Westminster with my MTC companion Sister Webb. She is one of our Sister Training Leaders.  She helped me so much. It was  so good. We went to see a less active member there, in Westminster who talked about Patterns and Principles. Our brain is run on Principles and Patterns, once we recognize the patterns that our brains is circling around we can change it into principles and therefore be about to work through out problems, etc. She received this idea from Alma the younger in the Book of Mormon that she uses to help people over come addiction. It is so cool. 

We have a fun trip to the ER yesterday, because one of my companions hit her head on the car while they were on exchanges in Seapoint. She had gotten a concussion, the symptoms got worse from Friday so we went to get it checked to make sure that she was all good. She is okay!!! She only needs to rest and stay away from Physical exercise. 

The Lord loves us and He is watching over us. He will Guide us to where we need to be and where need to go. I love y'all.

Sister McGarry III

 Sister Painchaud and I 

Exchanges with Sister Webb

Sister Henry, Sister Castleberry and I

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"I will Go and Do"

Dear Family and Friends,
This is morning my companion and I got a call from President Patterson. We will be Emergency Transferred to the Seapoint Ward in Huntington beach where we will be in a trio with Sister Henry, who came out with Sister Castleberry. I am very excited to work in the Seapoint Ward. I love how the Lord places us right where he needs us.  The Lord is our guide. He knows us and loves us.
This week we also had Zone Conference where we were able to recieve wonderful words of inspiration from President Patterson. I am very excited to work with the members of Seapoint. I know that God loves us all and that he will be helping us accomplish his work in the area.  The Lord will bless us as we rely on him to help us accomplish His work. I know that with him all things are possible. I will be able to truly see the Love God have for many people in Huntington Beach. I Love this work and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength. We are always in the Lords hands. Let Him be your guide and He will guide you safely home to His presence.  I love you all. Hope that you have a wonderful week.

Sister McGarry III

 The Huntington beach Zone with President and Sister Patterson

 A yummy fruit called Persimens (Spelling might be wrong sorry)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Serving in YSA

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been one of learning and growth for me. I have been able to truly rely on the Lord this week. My companion's name is Sister Castleberry from Sandy, Utah. She is amazing. We have been learning the area surely but slowly. It has been quite interesting. This week most of the ward went on a canoe trip, so we didn't get to meet them until Sunday. We have been trying to contact less active this week and trying to find through the members.  We have seen many miracles happen this week. 

We have been learning the Area. I have been trying to find everything using the map (a skill I wish that I had learned before my mission) this ward has had a lot of really good things happening lately they have had a few baptism happen this past month and the members are on fire. I am super excited to see work in this ward we have some Returned missionaries that have expressed a desire to come to lessons with and many other members.  I am looking forward to this wonderful transfer. I am learning that the Lord puts us where he needs us to help us become what we need to become and to give us the opportunity to help those who need our help. 

I love serving the Lord with all my heart. I am sure that he knows us he is there to help us become what he wants us to become. I am happy to work with them members of the Huntington beach YSA ward. I love y'all and hope that you have a great week.


Sister McGarry III

 My comp and I
 California sunsets

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Transfer News

Dear Family and Friends,

We had Zone conference this last week and we have Elder Ardern come to the mission. He spoke a lot about working hard and making sure that we are remembering what we stand for you.
This upcoming transfer I will be  moving to the Huntington Beach YSA ward. I will be Splitting the Ward with the current Elders, Elders Austin and Burden, who are currently serving in the YSA ward. I am so excited to be able to serve with the Young Single Adults in Huntington Beach. I don't know who my companion will be because I will be training this upcoming transfer. 
These last  few months I have been able to truly see the Lord's hand in the work. I have been able to see that He knows His children. He knows how to help them. He is the perfect father. He will provide a way for everyone to have to opportunity to receive the Gospel.  I have been able to taste the Fruit mentioned in the Book of Mormon by the prophet Lehi in 1 Nephi chapter 8 where he says " And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy;... for I knew that it was desirable about all that I had ever tasted." I have been about able to see the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior. I have seen how much he loves each of us. I love the Lord and I am so happy to see His work continue in Huntington Beach. I love you all and Hope that you have a fantastic week.


Sister McGarry III

 The sisters at Zone conference
 Brother and Sister Walton and me
 Restaurant by the Beach with Nancy and my wonderful Comp
 President and Sister Parker (Pres. Parker in in the mission presidency) my comp. and me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The joy of hearing the prophet's voice

Dear Family and friends,
This week has been a very good. We were able to see hear from the prophet and the apostles of the church. It was a joy to be able to hear to things that God would have us hear at this time. The Lord is in control of all things, we should find joy in His plan for us. I love the wonderful opportunities that we have been given to be able to hear from the prophets and apostles of God. 
This week we have Bertha come to the Sunday Morning Session of Conference. She was taking notes during the session. She is excited to continue to learn about the Restored Gospel.   We are working on help her understand the commandments. We are hoping to see her this week and have her come to church. 
I have seen joy in the work of the Lord this week I have been enjoying the work of the Lord it has been very  hard but it has been a joy. I love this work and I love this gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith answer our questions about where we are going and where we can from and why we are here? I am so grateful for my ancestors who accepted to the Gospel in their lives when they heard it so that I have the opportunity to have this glorious Gospel in my live. I am also grateful for the wonderful family members and friends who have been an continual example to me. I love you all and hope that y'all have a great week. Remember that God is always watching over  you. He loves you. He will not leave us on our own. 
Sister McGarry III
 Another picture of the beautiful Los Angeles Temple

My District in Huntington Beach