Thursday, June 23, 2016

Miracles in talking to Everyone

Dear Family and Friends,
On the first Thursday of the transfer (a transfer is a six week period). Sister Tew came out with us to work and we were able to contact a part member family and set a time that we could come back and teach them. We taught them on Monday night last week, but they are going out of town for three weeks and don't know when the will be back so we couldn't pick up the wife as a new investigator. 
I saw a miracle this week. I have gained a testimony of talking to every one. Sister Cotrim and I were walking out of a dinner appointment on the way to our car when we saw a group of people a short distance away from us. We walked towards them and started talking to one of them about God. He told us that was raised Catholic but now he is Jewish and that he doesn't want to change. Siser Cotrim then proceeded to invite him to come to church with us on Sunday. He asked us about church and when we told him that people have topics of the gospel that the talk about mixed with their personal experiences he got excited and told us that he would come to church. He said that he would come to church this upcoming Sunday. I love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Sister McGarry III

 Sister Tew, Sister Cotrim and me
 Sister Cotrim and me after a training we had on Friday.

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