Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Change Allows Growth

Dear Family and Friends,
This month as I am sure many of you know, we had the wonderful opportunity to experience a big change in our mission. We got a new mission President. President Patterson is our new mission President. We had the opportunity to meet him last Tuesday. I am excited  for the last few months of my mission.

We were able to see so many miracles this week. On Monday night was just the beginning of miracles for us. The first miracle that we experienced was that we were about to see a less active member who was away for a while with Family business, when we went by we were able to meet with her a teach her. We were also able to see  a Part-member family who has been out of town that last few weeks. Don is an active member and Debbie his wife comes to church with him. They have been coming to sacrament meeting (the main worship service), but have been leaving after that to attend to some family business. They were able to come to all of the church meetings this week.  Brother and Sister McCready are amazing members. They are converts themselves. They helped Debbie feel welcome in church. Yesterday when he had dinner with the McCready's we asked them about inviting Don and Debbie over for a lesson or just provide friendship. Brother McCready then says "we already talked about that" we were then able to set up a time to have Family Home Evening in their home with Don and Debbie.
Another miracle that we were able to see is that we have been able to see a family that the ward council asked us to go by and see a few weeks ago. We stopped by a few times but no one answered the door. We were able to Sister Jensen and set up a time to go by this upcoming week and meet with them. Miracles happen and change is so good.
I am grateful that I have been able to serve that many wonderful people in this area and I am Happy to be the Lord's servant in helping his children to come unto him. I know that the Lord is preparing His children all around us we only need to be bold (like Jacob said) in inviting them to receive the restored Gospel. God is good. He is love. 
Love you all and hope that you have a great week!

Sister McGarry III

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