Monday, March 20, 2017

When Life gets to hard to stand, kneel!

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week has been a very tough week! My companion got sick this week, we moves out of our apartment and moved in with a member. It was a good thing too though! I have been able to learn so much. I have seen that God is there for us! He waits patiently for us to turn to him. I have had a lot of different feelings this week. I have felt that I have not done all that I can to help the Lord in his work. I have felt as though I have somehow failed...But that is the adversary telling all of this to me. He doesn't want me feel successful in the Lord works! The Lord definition of success is Effort+Desire=Success. That is the definition that I have come to see this week.I have learned that He loves us and that he will be there for us daily! We must get on our knees to pray and beg for forgiveness of our sins and ask for strength to overcome weaknesses. In Ether 12:27 the Lord tells us why he gives us weaknesses and it reads: 

"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." Our weaknesses are there to strengthen us, to help us become stronger. The Lord knows us so well! I have now come to see that the Lord is proud of the work I have done in his vineyard! He sees my desire and efforts! He is pleased with it! I love this work and I know it to be true. There is nothing that can convince me otherwise. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know through his infinite Atonement that we can repent and be better people! I know the Plan of Salvation to be God's plan of Happiness for all of His children! He loves us more than anyone else does! He is proud of us if we try! That is all he asks of us is to try and do our best. If you have a desire and you make an effort, he will bless you! We will not repay him for what he has done, bu the doesn't care about that. He only cares about the process that happens as we strive to become more like His son Jesus Christ. If you are doing that, and help others along the way to find the Joy and Happiness we find then you will make it back to him. We will be able to look our loving Heavenly Father in the eyes and tell Him that we did everything we could to make it there. We tried and tried. We got back on our feet when we fell down, and we tried again and again. 

I testify that God loves each of us and that he will do all he can to help ud come back into His loving arms one day! The only thing he will not do is take away our agency or our ability to choose. He will not do that, but he will do what he can to help us see the changes that we need to make in our lives to become what he sees us becoming! I love the gospel so much! It has given me direction in my life and has helped me see who I am and what I can become.  If any of you would like to know this please ask. Also visit which can help you find answers to the life questions we all have. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that he is there for me each day as I strive to become more like him. He will always be there to comfort and strengthen us, no matter what happens to us! Love oyu all and look forward to seeing you soon! 


Sister McGarry III (aka sister McGarry the third)

 Our Former neighbors Dog: Tricksy  and us

 Mariellen and Kara from the MSA ward two people that I have learned to love here on my mission!!

 Sunset again: I look at the Sunset and think about how beautiful they are and how much Heavenly Father loves us to create such beautiful things for us to enjoy and then I am reminded that he did the same for us... He created each of us so differently and have made us each unique. We will never find anyone who is just like us!

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