Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,
I have been thinking a lot about something that Bethany said while I was skyping this past Sunday. She had noticed that she had not seen tears in my eyes while we were talking to each other or the rest of the family. She said "Do you ever cry?" Of course we all have moments in our life where we cry for joy or where we cry because we feel sorrowful. I feel so blessed to have the gospel  in my life and to be able to cry for joy knowing that I will be able to see my loved ones again. I cry for joy knowing that I and each one of you are in the Lord's hands and under His watchful care. He knows us. He loves us and knows what we need. I am so glad that I was able to talk to you all. 
Sister P and I just dropped all of our investigators and will be working on finding this week. I know that as we put our faith and trust in God that He will bless us. We will go out and do all we can to find God's prepared and as we do He will bless us and help us to build up the area. I know that God loves us and we can find those who are prepared to receive His gospel and we put our faith and trust in Him. 
I love you and Hope that you have a great week. 

Sister McGarry III

 Pics from Sisters P-day
 Mother's day Skype session

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