Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hardships and Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a little difficult. There are many people to talk to but not many people open to listening to the Gospel. Sister P (Po'uliva'ati) and I have been working hard to organize our areabook and to find those who are prepared to learn to Gospel.  We talked to many people  this week but we were not able to see much happen. I have yet to meet our investigators.
We have seen miracles too. Yesterday at ward council the bishop mentioned a part member family that just moved into the ward. Sister P and I had gone through all of our plans and decided to go by the family. We went by and knock a few times and were about to walk away when we hear Hi Sisters, we turn around and see Brother Walton. He goes and opens the front door. His wife was not home so we were unable to go in  but he told us about her. Sister P and I walked away from the Walton home with smiles on our faces. Brother Walton was telling us that his wife is ready to hear to Gospel and that see would be back next week. 
I know that God is mindful of us. I know that God loves us. I know that he is preparing his children to hear his Gospel. I love you all and hope that you have a great week.
I  will be calling around 6pm on Sunday

Sister McGarry III

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