Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cordata Park and a week of Miracles

Dear Family and Friends,
Last week we were able to see many miracles. On Monday of last week we went by to see a former, when we went by she was outside watering her garden. She told us that her son had told the missionaries before to stop coming by, but that she didn't want that to stop meeting with the missionaries. I have seen just how important and how valuable it is to go and see formers (those who have been taught before, but stop being taught for a particular reason).  
The members in the ward are so amazing. They are very helpful in working with the missionaries. We are trying to meet all the members. There are so many wonderful members that I have met and so many that I haven't met yet. It is cool to see the Lord's work move Forward.  
My favorite part about the week is to have been able to hear my companion say the she is starting to feel more confident in the language. I had loved the wonderful opportunity I have had to watch her grow and for that time that I have to continue to watch her grow. I love you all and hope that you have a fantastic week.
Sister McGarry III

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