Wednesday, August 17, 2016

There is a Purpose for all Things in Gods Work

Dear Family and Friends,
This week my companion and I had an interesting week. We saw many Miracles and have been able to see the hand of God. 
Miracle number 1:  We had made brownies on Wednesday and was going to bring the Ward coorolation, but that was cancelled.   There is a Spanish Elder who loves brownies we asked him if he wanted the brownie. We gave them (The Spanish Elders) the brownies the following day, they ended up giving us a referral. but there is a catch this. The referral was for a woman named Carla who is in the States to take an English. That she thought started in August...but it actually starts in September. I turns out that on her way here she met a Sister Missionary who was going home after her mission. This sister missionary started talking to her and she said that she felt something different about this sister missionary. The two women added each other on Facebook and continued talking. Carla is from Brazil, Rio de Janerio (where the olympics are happening right now). She speaks Portuguese. For those of you who may have forgotten or who haven't seen my previous emails. My Companion Sister Cotrim is also from Brazil and speaks Portuguese. Carla lives in the Seapoint Ward right now. But my companion is the only missionary in the mission who speaks Portuguese. We met her at the church last night (A member picked her up and dropped her off there) and taught the the Restoration. The miracle of the story is I don't know very much Portuguese or Spanish. But during the lesson while my companion was talking to Carla and visa versa I understood some of the words they were saying. We were able to teach with the Spirit and help her to understand a little more about the Restoration and why that was so important. Through this experience I learned that truly has a purpose for all things. God knows His children he knows what they need and he knows who can reach them. As we follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost we can be lead to here God needs us, where we need to be, the time we need to be there and for the reason we need to be there. 
Miracle Number 2: This miracle begins when Sister Cotrim came in the mission 11 short weeks ago. She could not speak much English. Now with my fast speaking English. She is able to know enough English to translate what I didn't understand. I have a Portuguese Book of Mormon that  member gave to me the first week Sister Cotrim was in the mission. I have not read it much, but started today and I was reading from it out loud to Sister Cotrim and she said that my prouncation is very good. The Lord so Good! He is able to show us our talents and help us accomplish His Purpose through us. 
Love you all and Hope that you have a great week.
Sister McGarry III

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