Monday, December 5, 2016

God is REAL!!! HE LIVES!!

Dear Family and Friends,
We saw many tender Mercies of the Lord this week. This week has been amazing. My companion and I have learned  so much this week. We had a point this week where we were unable to see the Spirit as strongly as we could have. We talked to our District leader about it. He offered to give a us a blessing. We gladly excepted. When we got to the church where we would be getting the blessings, the Elders had to call someone to see if they could come and help, because we needed one more person (Three of a kind). They left to go and pick up a member in their area, when two other elders came on their bikes. The only way to explain this coincidence is that the Lord was there. The blessings we received were major testimony building for me! It helped to to see that God is mindful of us all! It also helped me to see that his plan is not our plan but that his plan is perfect. 
GOD IS REAL!!! HE IS NOT DEAD!!!! GOD knows us and loves us.  The Priesthood is real.
This week we also had a very  amazing lesson with Caeden. We not sure what to teach honestly. When we started the day, but I studied Preach my Gospel Chapter 6 and my companion studied You can do it Now! a talk by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf and we ended up teaching a lesson about Godly sorrow! 
I have truly come to realize this week that God knows us! He loves us and he will help us accomplish what he has asked us of us. I know that God loves each and every one of his children. He will bless us. He reach will find us all!! We must open our hearts and our minds to the things he desires us to know.  Don't Give up Hope if answers have not come yet. Answers will come to us. God will bless us and he will be there for us.
We also got to go and see what is called a Christmas Creche Festival. There were many different Creches from around the World. I love Christmas Time. Love you all and hope that you have a great week. 
Sister McGarry III


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