Monday, December 19, 2016

Miracles and Christmas Stories

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was amazing!! We taught our Recent Convert Ken. We also saw Brianna and Sophie two really cute girls who we had tried to meet before when we first got into the area. But we were unable to meet with them. But due to life and twists and turns that life sometimes throws at us all, we were unable to meet with them. We talked to the about the Priesthood and also the Restoration. 
The work is beginning to move forward in the Ward. We are striving to help the member to also do missionary work. 
This Sunday I heard some very beautiful Christmas stories. Yesterday while I was listening to this story it brought tears to my eyes. It's called a Big sister's love. Amy and Parker had entered into a contest at a local grocery store. The winners of the contest got to win a bike. There was two different winners because there were two different sizes of bikes. The Children who entered into the contest read books and had their parents and teachers sign off the books there read each week. Parker  want to win one of the bikes so that he could have a bike to ride with his sister Amy.Parker read Green eggs and ham, etc. He read and read. Amy however was not too excited about the contest and rode her bike instead of reading. She saw however after looking at the contest and seeing her little brother try really hard to read as many books as he could, but not matter how many books Parker read there was still someone in his age group reading more books than him. So Amy decided that she would do what the  little brother could not. She would read books for him so that she would win the bike for him. So with her library card in hand she went to work, she read when she wanted to ride her bike, she read when she wanted to play with friends. When the time came for the children to turn in the books they have read. Amy and her mom went to the Grocery store. Amy turned in the books she had read and she was looking at the a little red bike that was to small for her. The owner of the grocery store commented "I assure that you will be wanting the bigger bike won't you." Amy answered "No, I want the little bike so that I can give it to my little brother who could not win the bike on his own." Amy and her mom went home a waited for the numbers to be counted. Then the phone call came Amy had won the contest by reading 280 books. They picked up the bike and stored it in Amy Grandparents house til the time came for them to give the give to Parker. When Christmas came Amys mother started out by reading the Christmas story from the Book of Mormon. Then she told the story of a "Big Sister's Love" and Amy then brought the bike out for her little brother. Parker was very excited. This story is one that I believe shows us Christlike love. I have also seen amazing example of Christlike love in my own live. I have felt it from many our my Young Women leaders who taught me to always remember who I am. My "goodly" parents who taught me the Gospel and how to live. My siblings who showed me the example to follow. And all of my friends who taught me what true friendship is.
This week we also went on exchanges where I got to by with Sister Webb, my MTC Companion in Seapoint. I was able to see how the Lord help us. We had fun talking about experiences who have had. We were able to learn from each other as well. I saw her example and realized that I need to be better at asking everyone for referrals. We learn and grow everyday.
I love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Sister McGarry III

Rainbow after a rain storm

 Exchanges with Sister Webb

 A christmas decoration we saw while we were walking in our area. I has laughing fit when I saw it.

 The Sister Training Leaders and their Trainee with my Companion and I

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