Tuesday, November 10, 2015

God's Timing

Dear Family and Friends,
I have learned more about God's timing this week. This week the baptismal was changed to another date. We have not set a new date yet but we hope to set one soon. The baptism date has changed because the people that we are teaching needs permission from both parents to be baptized and her father is not very happy about her joining the church. Her mom is a recent convert and is a very strong member of the church. The Lord has a plan for all of us and all prayers will be answered, we just need to wait for his timing for all things. God has a plan for us all. He loves each and every one of us.  
This past week was transfers but my companion and I are together for another transfer. It has been a great week. We have found a few new investigators this week. One things that I have learned is that our time is short.  Our time on earth is very short. It seems like a long time but it is all a small moment. I am so grateful that I have to knowledge of the Gospel in my life. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return to him. It is because he loves us that he has given us a plan of happiness. I was reading in the Book of Mormon this morning in Alma 12 and I learned more about the plan of happiness. He loves us  because he is truly our loving Heavenly Father.  

God's plan is the best. God knows all and he know what is the best. As we follow in his plan for us and have faith in that plan we will see the blessings that come from it. I know that God's timing is the right timing. We take our trials in life and learn from them. God gives us trials to learn and grow from them. It is our choice whether we want to allow our trials to turn us away from God or if we allow it to bring us closer to him. 

I love you all and hope that all is going well.

Sister McGarry III

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