Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miracles happen

Dear Family and Friends,
I have had a wonderful week. I have learned a lot. We have a baptism coming up this week on Saturday. I have watched our investigator grow in the gospel. It has been a really great to help to prepare him for Baptism. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He is will help us in His work. I know that the Lord will help us find those that are prepared to hear His gospel.  
Saturday we had a miracle happen. We were in an area to see a potential that we had an appointment scheduled with. On the way we started talking to a young man about the gospel and sharing with him the Book of Mormon, when a lady walked up and began to ask us questions. At first we thought that she was interested, because of the questions that she was asking we soon learned that she was not interested. The young man which we met was talking to his friend about how he wanted to read the Book of Mormon and also The Restoration pamphlet that we gave to him (while that lady was still talking to us). We eventually had to walk away from her. We were talking about the young man and how interested he had been in learning to Gospel, when we saw him walking towards us with his friend. We were able to teach him and pick him up as a new investigator. It was so great.
After this experience I learned that the Lord will but into your path the people who are ready to hear the Gospel.  I know that He is here to help us in the work and that He will bless and help us as we share His Gospel.  Love you all and hope that you are all well. Have great week!!!
Sister McGarry III

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