Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Rain and Shine

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has gone by so quickly. The weather has been rainy and sunny. This week we were able to see God's hand. We picked up an new investigator that asked a lot of great questions. 
On Friday ( March 11) we went to go and see an investigator of us and we planned to finish teaching the Restoration to him (he asks a lot of questions so getting through the lessons will take time but that is Ok. We teach people, not lessons) when we went by to teach him he started asking us about the Word of Wisdom. As he was reading for the pamphlet he told us that we basically lives the Word of Wisdom, except he will occasionally drink coffee. He then told us that as he was making the cup of coffee that he had in his hand that he got a weird feeling about making it and thought about it for a while then thought "Mormons don't drink coffee." He told us this before we started talking to him about the Word of Wisdom.  The Lord's hand is in every aspect of our lives, we only need to sit back for a minute and look at the things that he has done for us.
I love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Sister McGarry III

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