Monday, December 7, 2015

Time is Flying

Dear Family and Friends,
It is crazy how fast time flies. I have been in the field for about three months now and I feels like just yesterday.  It is beginning to like Christmas. Trees and lights are up. It seems like this time of year that hearts are generally softened to Gospel. The new Christmas Video A Savior is Born is truly inspired by the Lord. We have been focusing a lot as mission to use the video to find people who are prepared to hear the message of the Restoration of Jesus Christ's Gospel.  I am so  grateful for the time that I have to share the Lord's Gospel with his children. I know that he is preparing children to received his Gospel.   
The Lord knows and loves each and every one of us. He wants us to repent and to follow His example.  I know that through the atoning sacrifice of  Jesus Christ that all people can repent. I know that he is truly there to lift us up and to help us through our trials in life. We have a lesson with a less-active member last night and we were talking about the atonement at one part of the lesson. The member that we were teaching told us of his desire to come back to church and to go back to the temple. He also told us that he knew that he could make it to the temple though the atonement of Jesus Christ.  He bore a powerful testimony of the Atonement and I knew that without a doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ  can help us all repent and that He love us so much.
As we turn to our Savior, Jesus Christ to help us through the hardships in life, He will be there to guide us through them. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he loves us. 
Love you all.

Sister McGarry III

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