Monday, February 29, 2016

Tender Mercies of the Lord

Dear Family and Friends 
This past week I have seen quite a few tender mercies of the Lord.
The Lord is in control of all this in our lives.  Last week we had Temple P-day my companion and I got up early to get ready to go to the temple and I couldn't find my wallet anywhere, shortly after I lost that the member who was going to take us to the temple cancelled on us, so I had more time to look for my wallet. We had some other sister help us get around for the day. Then later when we were finished with dinner we tried to find a ride around for the night, we worked it out for a ride that night. My companion was backing upon Sister Kwon who was going to drive us around for the night (Sister Kwon is in a trio and her companions live in their area so they volunteered to help us out.) Someone walked up to Sister Gardner and handed my wallet to her. They told her that he found it by the gate where we go to get to our car, and that his girlfriend had it at his apartment all day. We then went out to work (I know keep my wallet zipped up in my bag. I learned my lesson.) Heavenly Father loves us and is mindful of us. He knows our concerns and answers our prayers.
The next night Sister Tew came out to work with us. When we told her that we didn't get to go to the Temple she gave us permission to go. We found a member to take us to the Temple tomorrow morning.    Also last night we had just gotten done eating dinner a a members house, we left the house early, because they had somewhere they needed to go. Shortly after my companion told me she needed to use the bathroom. We went to a members house but she was not home so we went to another members house. We were able to share a few scriptures and left their spirits. They told us that they needed us there that day.  The Lord is fully aware us each and every one of us. He knows us and what we need. If you are looking for an answer or for help don't give up on the Lord. He WILL help you and he WILL anwser you. The Lord is there for us. I  Love you all and Hope that you have a great week.
Sister McGarry III

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