Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Go to their level!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week we have seen many miracles. We had a mission Conference with Elder Jeffery R. Holland. We also had a few members of the 70 come with Elder Holland. He is truly amazing. I learned so much about the Gospel during the mission conference. We also got the shake his hand!! 
One of the biggest things that I learned is the importance of going to the level of the investigators, less active members and contacts and lift them up rather than trying to drag them to your level. We should do as the Savior did with Nicodemus and the Samarian woman.If we can find out where they are at then we can better help them to  understand what they are missing. We also had Stake Conference with Elder Holland too. That was very cool!
I am very excited for this upcoming week where I can work on going to the level of the people we are teaching.  I am so excited to work with the people of the Mid-single adult area and the Seapoint area. 
There are many miracles that we saw this week.  We had two our our investigators come and hear Elder Holland speak on Sunday at Stake Conference. They both were not sure it the would be able to make it when we talked to them about it but they came!!! God knows us and he loves us. He is willing to bless us! I am so very excited to have the wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord here is the wonderful wards of Huntington Beach. Miracle number 2 is that we were in a particular part of our area where we had planned to visit an member,when we got to the members home the lights were out. Neither of us (My companion and I) felt good about knocking on the door with the lights out. So we started walking away unsure what to do so we prayed and right after the pray. We looked around still unsure what to do. When across the Street we saw some one walking down the street we walked over to contact them. He told us that he was looking for God! We told him that we were there to help people come unto Christ!!!!  My testimony was strengthened at this moment that God will put us into the path of those who are prepared to receive the Gospel or he will place them into our path!! 
God knows his children! He loves them so much and he is able to help us all come to the Gospel. I know that God loves each and every one of us! He is willing to help and strengthen us. The Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith is true! The Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ! It is by read the Book of Mormon and by abiding by its precepts that we can draw closer to our loving Heavenly Father and our loving Savior Jesus Christ. They love us more than we know and there for us every step of the way.Love you all and hope that you have a great week!!

Sister McGarry III


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