Monday, January 2, 2017

Huntington Beach Love!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
Well It was great to see all those of you that I saw yesterday. I am glad to hear that you all are doing well. I love you all. 
We had a wonderful week full of less active lessons. We were able to see some elderly women who were in assisted living homes. They are super amazing. I love this time of year where we can see the spirit of Christmas in the hearts of many. We also got to visit with a part-member Family. The husband who is the member want us to teach his wife who is not a member. We have not met her yet but we are looking to meeting her in the near future.
I know that God loves us all. I know that He aware of our struggles and our trails. He loves us so much. He will help us when we need help. He will be our guides to guide our lives to accomplish his purposes through us. We must always remember that he is there for us. He knows us and he loves us. I know that the Lord is there to help us every step  of the way. He loves us tons and tons. He is mindful of us all. He answers our prayers.
This week we also had an amazing Zone Conference where we got  hear amazing training about how we can give back to Christ and our Father in Heaven. It was amazing. I learned that there is really only one thing that we can to God is our will. We read from Mosiah 2, where King Benjamin was talking to his people and telling them that they were indebted to Him, then he turned in towards the Savior to where we are indebted to the Savior. God has given us so much. He gives us breath and support. He has and continues to give us so much. We only have 1 thing that we can give to Him and that is our will. I feel that I have truly learned what that means to give our will to the Father while I have been serving my mission. It is amazing to see the blessings that God gives us. He knows us and he loves us. He wants us to give ourselves to him. I love you all.

Sister McGarry III

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