Monday, January 9, 2017

Seapoint and MSA Ward

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been one full of work in the one area I am familiar with and another area I am somewhat familiar with. I say that because I know a very small parts. It has been very fun to work in both areas. We have been trying to meet the members of the MSA ward and also work in the other ward we have been assigned too! We went to Cypress this week to visit a member in the MSA ward there. It was cool!! 
Sister Dimmick is from Indiana. She is very sweet. We are getting along very well. She is the greatest. She is as amazing. 
We have two investigators who have told us that they believe that Book of Mormon is true.  We have another investigators who would like to get baptized in February. 
We also had ten hours of church yesterday. We went church when the sun was rising and came out of church when the sun was down. It was very cool. We cover two wards and so we got to both of the Ward meetings. It is fantastic!! I got to learn some much about church. I am so excited to be able to cover both wards. We also have Elder Holland coming to our Stake and mission this week! I will send an update about that next week!!
So update on the Weather (mom was asking about it): Everything is good. We have had a lot of rain lately!!! But it have been very good for Cali.  I have enjoyed walking in the rain and also enjoying a little bit on sunshine in between the rain storms!!!

Love you all and hope that you have a great week!!!
Sister McGarry III 

 Traveling down Beach Boulevard to see an member in Cypress in the MSA ward.
 Raining in Cali!!!

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